With today's increasing number of debts, it is essential that you are able to establish contact with your customers at all times. This is to ensure there is always room for discussion when there is occurrence of long overdue outstanding; therefore it also gives you the chance to establish a recovery plan and a commitment from them to pay.

Every year approximately 11 million of people move home.... the bottom line of this is a reasonable number these people will fail to tell you they have done so. Being able to trace those customers that have moved and re-establish contact with them is a vital part of your collection strategy.

We can help you solve the problem of locating gone away debtors, helping to reduce the number of accounts that are written off because no address is known. Our skip tracing service is a fast and cost effective, which enables you to re-establish contact with your customers. It uses sophisticated data matching and monitoring techniques that allow you to identify an address of your customer.

In other words, GWR helps to locate your debtors by providing you with more recent address information allowing you a further attempt at recovering your debt. The debt can be collected through your own collection methods or through our Debt Collection Services.