About Company

Gemilang Waja Recoveries Sdn Bhd (GWR) is professional collection agency made up of well-trained officers and associates, dedicated to meet needs of our clients. Our company hires professional staffs and works with them to create productive, efficient, reputable and harmonious relationship with our client. Our diverse and dynamic team upholds our collection reputation, by putting forth its best each day. The main goal of GWR is to consistently delight our client's satisfaction in every need without arousing any resentment in any means.

We are registered with Ministry of Finance (M.O.F), SME Corp. Malaysia and MATRADE, specialized in debt recovery. Our prime concern is to help organization or companies from local, outstation and overseas for recovery in today's challenging and competitive world. Success is guaranteed with our ideas, experiences and expertise in providing collection solution.

To ensure a strong partnership bond with our clients, we provide the highest quality in service to sustain clients’ required revenue by maximizing the recovery value of non performing and other bad debts. Equipped with experience and professionalism, we take pride in the quality of our staffs and the services that we have been providing our clients.

Assuring you we always operate to the very highest standard as a debt collection firm gwr commit to serve you with the best service level and ensure our team skills to deliver the results you would expect.To create a bonding partnership with our clients by providing the highest quality of service and sustaining the required revenue for our clients.To create a bonding partnership with our clients by providing the highest quality of service and sustaining the required revenue for our clients.To realize this objective, we have with us a core group of trained collectors who have the expertise to maximize the recovery value of non-performing and other bad debts. Equipped with tactfulness, professionalism and responsibilities, we at GWR take pride in the quality of our staff and the services that we have been providing our clients.Our agency plays a vital role in providing feedbacks to our clients for their sound decision making with regards to bad debt recovery, our area of expertise

The Collection Theory

We would like to share a valuable piece of information that suggests the common course of action that an organization or company would intend to take when a debit account in ledger shows that the debt is long overdue. Theoretically there are two approaches:

  • Legally sue the debtor, or
  • Write off as a bad debt.

Before deciding which course of action is most ideal, let us consider firstly, the legal aspect. For the suggested first approach, it is time consuming and incurs a high cost of legal fees. At the end of the legal tussle, ‘judgment’ may be awarded in your favor but collection of debt is still to be done by yourself. The court does not bind itself to recover the amount due. Pursuing further you make the debtor bankrupt, what do you gain monetarily? Compared to the hassle engaged in the first approach, to write off as a bad debt would be a better choice as it is the simplest way, yet it is still a loss to the company as you are not entitled for a rebate in your Income Tax Return

After considering the above factors, we suggest you to call us for the debt recovering job.

Our Mission

Data protection is our integrity, confidentiality is our priority.

We recognise our clients’ interest.

Commitments made to our client are strictly honoured.

Consistently uphold our level of performances and professionalism.

Our Vision

To be leading recovery agency, we pledge to provide personal quality service to our valued client's and preserve the good business relationship with our clients. Our aim is to gain client’s satisfaction for services rendered.

With Us, It Is A Whole New Ball Game.